How many times have you heard others or even yourself say: 
‘I’ll travel when I have enough money”
‘When I retire, I will do what I love’
‘If only I would have the time’, 
‘If only I could…..’
Well there are 2 things you need to hear if this has ever been you. The bad news? All this is BS! The good news? All this is BS! All you truly need is purpose and a mindset change. 

'The Now' is all you have

Truth is, ‘the now’ is all you have and it is now where you take action to build your dreams. Don't let your happiness in the hands of an uncertain future. What I’m trying to say: don’t wait till you retire to live in your dream place, don’t wait to travel when you have enough money when you could be saving now on all unnecessary things we humans tend to spend our money on and stop doubting yourself and thinking… if only I could… YOU CAN! And trust me when I say YOU CAN, YOU CAN!



Initially when we used to plan our lives we used to think we needed to wait until we have enough money to be able to move to our dream place, otherwise how would we be able to survive? Ever since we started traveling we wanted to leave Dubai, move to an island, work remotely and start building our hotel. In our heads, to achieve that, we clearly needed much more money than what we had on our bank account. We were depending our regular jobs in order to save enough money and depending on others instead of betting on our happiness and trusting our skills.

In the past years, Dano and I have been learning many new skills that could earn us a living everywhere in the world but we were unsure of how we'd be able to monetize it all, so we just kept postponing our happiness. We had a certain amount in mind that without it we used to think it would be impossible for us to make the move.

Now you must be thinking, well easy for them to say this, they must have made so much money in Dubai so they don’t really need to worry about anything now. Unfortunately, that is far from true. We made okay money in Dubai but also, we spent a lot on travels and on Dubai expenses. Dubai is far from cheap and live can get pretty expensive. When you start a travel blog you need to be traveling constantly so most of our money went to that.

Until...  One day we decided to invest in our ourselves , booked a flight to Bali and did a coding bootcamp Institute of Code and that changed it all. We didn't just learn other skills but we were surrounded by like-minded people that were doing exactly what we wanted to do and did not necessarily have huge backups in their bank account.

When the bootcamps finished, we went back to Dubai quit our jobs and planned our move to Bali. 

We did not move to Bali with a bank account you’d envy but just enough to survive a couple of months and have all the pressure in the world to make it work NOW.


For many this might be irresponsible and terrifying. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But who are we to judge?

For us, our priority is happiness and we are creating that right now. At the end it’s all that matters. We’ve met so many people with high paying jobs that hated their lives, wives of very successful men that could not wait to be able to spend at least 1 day of quality time per month with them but there was never time. Life was taking over, just happening.

Don’t let life happen, make it happen! Your happiness has no price tag.

We are all humans with endless capabilities. It’s time we use them and learn new skills, invest in personal growth and find ways to make a living while living your dream life and not making a living to one day live your dream life. You’ve got this!

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