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Creating content is a full time job, one that is financially rewarded only afters hours and hours of content. We believe we'll get there, but until we can collect the fruits of the seeds were planting today we will need to find alternative streams of income. We do have our own projects that help us sustain the life we are pursuing, but as we increase our focus into creating high quality content, we find that the days don't have enough hours.

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Making an income from your blog, youtube channel and IG is possible but it also means that we will need to work with tons of brands and promote them to you, our audience. We want to keep our content genuine and only promote brands we truly believe in while keeping our production OURS. By supporting us on the ocntent we make, it allows us to do so. Creating travel content comes with a price tag and there's no way we could continue the adventure without help from you guys. Our audience is are like family to us and with your help we can't wait to see where it takes us!  THANK YOU!

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