Quito, Ecuador | 07.11.1990


Not a planner but a big-time dreamer. I crave freedom and will leave behind anything that restricts me from finding my true purpose.

Born and raised in Ecuador, I left my comfort zone when I was 18. Madrid, Heidelberg, Barcelona, Dubai and Indonesia have been my bases, but I’ve always felt the world was my home.

I’ve never felt that I belonged to just one place, but rather many all at one. Anywhere in the world that doesn’t try to mold me into the person society once decided I, you, we should be, is where I feel whole.

My main goal with this blog and my online creative agency B.YOND is to create conscious content that adds real value to you, and inspires you to become the best version of yourself by finding your true purpose.


Photography | Videography | Web Design (UX-UI) | Content Creation | Blogging | Social Media Management

Cali, Colombia | 01.12.1989


I AM a big time planner. 

My personality pretty much fits the engineering cliche. By the time I was 19, I had already thoroughly planned out my life - not so much the details, but I already knew exactly where I wanted to go and how I planned on getting there.

I was born in Colombia and grew up to the sound of salsa and reggaeton. Once school finished I moved to Germany to follow my goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. And then I met Pili, and my life changed.

My true challenge started when I moved to Dubai to be with her. I had to adapt to her free spirit and / learn to embrace it as well - with limitations - obviously! 

Now I travel the world while creating content and developing kick ass websites.


Photography | Videography | Web Development | Content Creation | Blogging | Vlogging

Dubai, UAE | 2018


More than just a blog, Coconuts and Coordinates is a lifestyle.

Our life is no different than any other couple’s out there - we’ve just added a twist to it (or two)! Bored of our routine, we redesigned our lives around our passions: travel, love and photography, financing it all with our 9 to 5s.

We are aware that love for traveling is not uncommon and you might want to achieve a similar lifestyle whilst pursuing your career.

Let’s be realistic, not everybody wants to leave their jobs, compromise their career and live out of a suitcase so we’ve designed this blog to inspire YOU to get out there, travel and explore the world without you having to ditch your 9 to 5.

We will show you how we managed to do it and how easily you can too.

Travel is not just for digital nomads or travel-influencers. Yet we rely on their experience and content to inspire our adventures. We learned the hard way that there is a gap between content creators and people with conventional jobs so we’ve developed this blog (yes, from scratch and self-coded) to help you overcome some of the hurdles we’ve encountered by looking at other blogs to inspire our travels.

Photos are powerful, but can be misleading - we’ve been there, we know! That’s why in each blog post we will give you access to Pinterest boards made of all of our raw, unedited images so that your expectations are more realistic when you visit those places too.

While designing this travel blog we’ve kept our community at heart through all of it and done our best to design our posts so that they’re easy to read and navigate. 

Don’t expect us to be the best at listing facts, or to have covered the entire globe. But we have spent a good amount of time looking for answers before you and we can give you a pretty good head start. We’re not the only ones out there, so we won’t pretend that we are. We inspire our travels from other travelers in this community so it’s only fair to give them a voice, which is why we share links to other blogs posts and pages that were a source of inspiration for our travels or containing information we consider relevant for you.

Use this space to learn from our adventures, tribulations and raw experiences. We want to inspire you to travel, whilst pursuing your career. Traveling and building a career can easily be balanced out: you don’t need to compromise on either! We experienced more than 20 countries while still working our 9 to 5s. If we did it, you can do it too.

With Love,

Pili and Dano